Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Felt shiitake mushroom tutorial

I'm going to show you how to create everything in this bowl of "udon," starting with - the shiitake mushrooms! 

Udon bowl

Yup, shiitake, these cute little guys here...

Mushrooms close up

Here's what you'll need:

1. Cut one circle out of dark brown felt and two small circles in beige (one smaller than the other). You'll also need thread and polyfill.

1. Materials

2. With embroidery scissors, cut an X-shape at the centre of the dark brown felt.

2. Slit middle X

3. Then, cut out a four-pointed star, like so...

3. Cut star centre

4. Attach the larger beige circle to the back and sew it in place with a running stitch.

4. Sew centre

5. Using a running stitch, gather the edges of the dark brown circle together.

5. Run stitch

6. Pull the thread tight and leave a "hole" at the centre. Then, secure the thread and cut if off. 

6. Gather edges

7. Next, stuff polyfill into the shiitake's cavity.

7. Stuff

8. Once stuffed, sew the smaller beige circle to the back of the shiitake, like so.

8. Sew back

9. And your shiitake is done!

9. Ready

Another shiitake for my udon bowl!

10. Add to bowl

Stay tuned for my next tutorial... narutomaki!

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  1. hai kawan felt saya.. boleh ngorat? kekekekekek.